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Published June 8, 2018

Security is a vital part of every place of business, social gathering and even private residences. The feeling of safety is by far one of the most valued feelings within the human race. However in many ways, security is being overlooked and/or compromised simply due to a false sense of security. This is because security is naturally preventative, not just reactive. A good day for security and our clients is when nothing happens. Many people ask in that case if nothing is happening then why do I need security? The answer is simple, nothing is happening primarily because there is something in place that is preventing a criminal from taking action against you and your property. That something could be, the location of the property, visible cameras, automatic locking doors, alarm system, fencing, and a security guard presence. What separates a generally secure property, to a secure property is an actively engaging security guard presence. All the above listed items might help deter something from happening through a passive set of actions, but each item has a restriction to how it can react when something is actively happening. An onsite security officer is the one security variable, that has the capacity to immediately respond to a threat accordingly while deterring any future threat from occurring. So what should I look for when selecting a security officer/security team? Here are five qualities that if your current security company is not providing, then you need to take steps to switch them out.

1. Actively Engaged

A good security guard is always alert and aware of his surroundings. It is necessary to constantly stay focused and avoid distractions as much as possible, or risk missing something that could prove important. Most companies state this is important but their company structure prevents the officer from actually be physically able to be engaged. This can result in unobservant officer might easily overlook something that could put lives in jeopardy, or miss out on witnessing a criminal or thief in action. We take steps to match our officers to posts that allow for our officer to be physically and mentally engaged with the tasks at hand. Location, type of task and even work environment are key factors to assessing whether an individual will actually be a good fit.

2. Honest

A great security guard is an honest security officer. Our officers are given access to the most sensitive areas of your business. This might be access to a master key or simply the responsibility to be on site when no one else is present. They are responsible for securing access to buildings and protecting a business against theft and other crimes. If a security guard is not honest, he or she is actively destroying the security needed to keeping your property safe. That is why it is so important for security companies to do thorough background checks on their security guards to make sure that they do not have any criminal history or dishonest activity. It is also important to ensure that their is an hands on manager that can keep each officer accountable.

3. Dependability

A dependable officer, is one that is physically, mentally and emotionally up to the task at hand. The officer is ready for work and is excited to be there for the entirety of their shift. Dependability is also plays a crucial role into the engage of the security team as a whole. We take great lengths as a company to daily monitor our officers performance, ensuring that they do not waiver from the expected performance.

4. Excellent Communication Skills

A good Security Guard knows how to communicate effectively both verbally and in their writing skills. Clear, courteous communication can be the deciding factor in handling a tricky situation effectively. Communication also allows the security officer to carefully and accurately document each and every incident of importance, as well as the status of the facility at the close of his/her shift. Also, as important as it is for an officer to be observant and alert for the safety of our clients, the majority of their interaction will be with the employees and customers or clients of the people we protect, so courtesy and a friendly attitude is key.

5. Customer Service Oriented

Customer service starts with a friendly “Hello”. At the core of our training, we encourage all our officers to be the first to engage, not out of suspicion but out a friendly servanthood mentality. With our ability to be the first to engage, we can properly assess whether or not there is a threat present. If there is no threat present, then we are now in a proper position to truly serve our client by being helpful. Each security officer is assigned a “post” which they are required to serve. At each assigned post there are written instructions based on the client’s needs, referred to as “post orders.”  Officers are trained on these specific duties before ever assuming their post however these “post orders” are seen in many ways as the minimum requirements. Where the officer will not overstep, they are encouraged to find ways to serve beyond the stated “post orders”.

These are all important attributes that security guards should have. As a leading security company within the Middle Tennessee area, First Class Security makes sure that each time we hire a security officer, we ensure that he possesses and continue to perform under these standards.

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