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Published June 20, 2018

Warehouse Security in Nashville, TN.


We are your single source for warehouse security in the greater Nashville area.

Warehouses and distribution centers are frequent targets of burglary, theft and pilferage. As you are aware your facility probably contains a large quantity of new merchandise in its original packaging, something that is highly-desirable to both internal and external thieves. Internal theft can be committed by any dishonest employee, contractors, truck drivers and/or other insiders. External theft is committed by outsiders, people who have no legitimate need to be in the warehouse and are coming to the facility specifically to steal. Our current clients receive the benefit of our professional trained security officers performing comprehensive and specific warehouse security solutions to actively address the threat of loss.

Our approach is simple to understand and effective when implemented. We Deter, Detect, Delay, and Deny.

The First Class Security process ensures that our clients benefit from the implementation of these four D’s.


Our guards are clearly market and trained to be visible at all times. We setup up consistent but random patrol paths to ensure that we will be the main presence that deters all threats. Our methods for deterring are effective because we are the experts when it comes to training, awareness, setting up barriers, and implementing strong internal controls. Our team is trained to engage everyone with a friendly and customer service driven mindset. We believe that in this neutral interaction, we are not only actively making our presence know but also establishing a method to de-escalate any situation that arises.


Detection likewise may be found in electronic monitoring systems such as metal detectors, alarms, closed-circuit television (CCTV), audits, and aware personnel. We have the experience and are effective in training our officers to maximize the investments that you and your facility have already made. We look to technology to inform our decisions as well as future training for our security team. Each team is specifically trained to support each clients individual needs while utilizing the current systems in place.


Delays may be created by barriers, arguably by locks, security intervention, and most important physical security. We are experts in using this method to create as much space between your employees and any threat that presents itself. Everything from pathways to workflows are considered when establishing these policies. Our methods are proven to delay all threats while keeping your facility running efficiently.


Once our team understands your business and the various threats to look out for, its easy for us to deny these threats from effecting your place of work.

We provide our current warehouse clients the following services:

  • The Security Officer will politely and courteously challenge all incoming traffic
  • Setting up policies for access control enforcement for employees, guests, vendors and deliveries by following the access control policies and procedures
  • Screening all employees, guests, vendors and deliveries using both walk through and handheld metal detection tools
  • Providing directions to all drivers and removing the danger of dishonest drivers
  • Prevents guests and vendors from just wandering around
  • Loss Prevention and catching dishonest employees
  • Regular Trash inspection (Keep trash and recycle containers locked)
  • Checking and Transporting Work orders (check for modifying paperwork)
  • Observe (shipping and receiving areas)
  • Preventing unauthorized shipments
  • Security check point (all outbound truck inspections)
  • Our security officers while sitting, sit upright and alert, keep the entry and exit point in view. Stand and greet all guests in order to reinforce Security presence, expedite duties and provide a solid first impression of the client. Smile and present a positive and friendly image
  • Strictly maintains uniform, appearance and helpful disposition
  • Verify that all apparent client property being removed from premises has been authorized for removal
  • Serve as liaison and information center between client and the public
  • Tailored security solutions with proven best security practices
  • Site specific post instructions and standard operating procedures
  • Deliveries are logged in on the incoming/outgoing package log
  • Emergency response/First Responders
  • Direct all emergency evacuation plans
  • Emergency notification
  • Timely follow up notification
  • Prepare detailed daily activity log, maintenance log, safety and incident reports delivered in person or digitally

Are you in need of security?

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